View Full Version : Sea Doo 4-Stroke How-To

  1. Keeping Your Battery Charged
  2. Sea Doo 4-TEC 4 Stroke Fault Codes
  3. About Superchargers: Inherent Flaws and Preventing Failure with Metal Washers
  4. Fuel Controller Installation Instructions
  5. How To: Check for supercharger failure
  6. How To: Wire devices to fuse boxes on 2010+ Doos (Bilge Pumps, LC-1s, LM-2, etc.)
  7. How-to: Pump Pulling - Wear Ring Swap - Prop Swapping
  8. Rude Fuel Controller Software/Manual
  9. Riva Installation Instructions
  10. Voltage conversion chart for Rude Controller.
  11. How-To: Oil Change