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Default Castrol RS Racing 4T SAE10W-40 for a R-12x?

Hey All,

I came across a deal for Castrol RS Racing 4T SAE10W-40 today but I'm unclear if this would be good to use in my 2007 AquaTrax R-12Xs. Any thoughts?

The specs for the Castrol RS Racing 4T SAE10W-40 are:
- Exceeds API SL

These are Honda's recommendations according to the owners manual:

- API classification: SG or higher except oils labeled as energy conserving on the API service label
- Viscocity: SAE 10W-30
- JASO T 903 standard: MA
- Suggested oil*: Pro Honda GN 4-stroke oil or an equivalent motorcycle oil

*Suggested oils are equal in performance to SJ oils that are not labeled as energy conserving on the circular service label

So, specifically:

1.) API SL is higher than API SG, so this would be both compatible and desirable, no?
2.) Is JASO MA-2 "better" and "backwards compatible" with JASO MA?

10W-30 vs 10W-40:
Additionally, I'm not entirely sure if 10W-30 or 10W-40 would be better. I've used both without any noticeable difference. The owner's manually suggests 10W-40 in warmer temperatures (but doesn't say what constitute warmer temperatures.) Supposedly Honda only uses 10W-30 in their PWCs now (according to my local PowerSports service center.)

I'll be riding in Maryland, which the following average temperatures:

- June: 86 (high), 67 (low)
- July: 90 (high), 71 (low)
- August: 88 (high), 71 (low)
- Sept: 81 (high), 64 (low)

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